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An all-digital product bundle that equips you with everything needed to launch Financial Peace for Teens in your community—including a leader account and 10 student accounts. Learn more
Financial Peace for Teens - Digital Student Account
Only accessible with a Digital Leader Account
This product is intended to be purchased with the Financial Peace for Teens Digital Leader Account + 10 Student Accounts bundle. Learn more
Junior's Adventures Bible Study
Teaching kids to handle money God’s ways
The perfect stand-alone children’s ministry or the perfect curriculum for FPU childcare Learn more
$18.99 List $24.95
Teach your children that money comes from work and about the importance of giving, saving and spending. Financial Peace Junior is tailored for children ages 3–12. Learn more
Smart Saver Bank
Ages 3-12
$17.99 List $19.99
Learning about money has never been this fun! The Smart Saver Bank is the smart way to help your kids practice giving, saving and spending wisely! Learn more