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Monday & Wednesday - 9:30–5:30 PM CT
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Saturday & Sunday - Closed

Are you having technical difficulties with the online store?

Contact Tech Support ( or call 877-410-3283 ext 191 with your questions regarding downloadable products and any error messages you receive while trying to place an order. All customer service inquiries should be directed to

Did you purchase a Downloadable Product? Would you like to know how download it?

All downloadable products require a high speed internet connnection such as Cable, DSL, or Satellite internet.

To get your downloadable product, simply go to the order confirmation email you received at checkout. Scroll down to the bottom of the receipt to a section called "eShipments." Click on the link BELOW the title of the product you purchased that contains the downloadable product(s). A dialogue box will appear. Select "Save File to Disk" and select your desktop as the destination. Go to your desktop and find your downloadable goods. You are done!

Some files have been zipped (compressed) to decrease download times. Both Windows and Mac OS have built-in software that will convert the zipped file into a usable file when you click on the file to open it.

What are your shipping options?

We offer multiple shipping options to choose from during checkout. The default choice will always be the most economical, but not necessarily the fastest.

Estimated Delivery Times
(delivery times include 2 additional business days for order processing)

  • STANDARD SHIPPING This method typically ships via UPS and should arrive in 4-7 Business Days (closer to 4 days for states nearest to TN, closer to 7 days for states farthest from TN). This method is trackable. A separate email is sent when the order processes at the warehouse and is ready to be picked up by UPS/USPS. Please allow up to 24 hours for the tracking number to be active.

  • SECOND DAY AIR: Orders placed before 11:00am on a business day will be delivered in 2 business days. Orders placed after 11:00am on a business day will be delivered in 3 business days. This method is trackable and will include a tracking number on the shipping confirmation e-mail.

  • NEXT DAY AIR: Orders placed before 11:00am on a business day will be delivered the next business day. Orders placed after 11:00am on a business day will be delivered in 2 business days. This method is trackable and will include a tracking number on the shipping confirmation e-mail.

    NOTE: UPS Can NOT deliver to a PO Box.

International Shipments

We do not currently ship internationally from the online store, but we are researching future solutions for our international customers. For more information or to buy over the phone, please call 1.877.378.2667.

Create an Account

Please create an account if you are a first-time visitor to Dave's Store. Once you have an account with us, you will have this information stored for your return visits. If you already have an account, you do not need to create another.

My Account

To sign in to the store, view your previous orders, or to retrieve downloadable products click here. To create a new account click here. If you already have an account with us, sign in by entering your username and password. Click "login" to enter the store.

Forgot your password?

Click on My Account and find the "Forgotten password?" link, enter your email address and click Submit to have an email with a new password sent to you.

Debit Card Policy

We understand what is running through your mind right now. "I can't believe Dave Ramsey is accepting credit cards! This can't be true! He's sold out on his principles!" But before you shave your head and run outside on your front lawn screaming, "The world is coming to an end, save yourself!" let's clear up a few things:

Number 1 - We are NOT accepting credit cards! Never have and never will. I mean, come on, do you listen to the radio show at all? Have you ever heard of a plasectomy? Please understand that accepting credit cards is something that will NEVER happen as long as Dave is still alive (and even forever after that!)

Number 2 - We are accepting DEBIT cards. We know that some people will go nuts when they hear that, but one factor is being overlooked. Debit cards do not work unless there is CASH available.

Number 3 - It was time for us to align our company policy with the advice we give our listeners. Dave recommends the use of debit cards for several items such as, Car Rentals, Hotel Reservations, and Internet Purchases. Dave personally carries and uses debit cards for online and phone transactions. One day we realized, "Hey, we are telling people that it's okay to use debit cards for purchases, but we're not allowing people to do that with us."

So don't worry! The Titanic is not rising, the sky is not falling and Ed McMahon is still not coming to your front door. We understand that some people will get upset over this decision. We also understand that some people will say we are selling out. However, all we are doing is simply aligning ourselves with the advice we give America.

DEBIT means CASH. CREDIT means CREDIT - and honey, we don't do that around here!

* The Lampo Group, Inc. and Dave Ramsey recognize that the Visa and MasterCard virtual monopoly on the debit card industries prohibits merchants from only taking debit cards. As such, it is impossible for us to ensure that every order has complied with our debit card policy. We trust that all of our customers hold EXCEEDINGLY high levels of INTEGRITY and maintain EXTRAORDINARILY high standards of TRUTH and HONESTY. Stick to our policy, NO CREDIT CARDS, and make us all happy.


Dave Ramsey does not encourage or promote the use of credit cards for any reason. We now offer payment via PayPal® as a convenience to our customers, however, we only endorse payment through PayPal® in the form of a bank-draft or debit card.

Placing Your Order

Add items to your basket by clicking "Add to basket" or "Buy Now." Your basket contents are preserved while you continue to shop. When you are ready to checkout, simply click the "My Basket/Checkout" button at the top of the page.


Dave is all about bargains and saving money. One of the easiest ways to save money is to use coupons!

If you have one of our online store coupons, you can redeem it at checkout. During the checkout process, there will be a section for redeeming coupons. Simply enter your coupon code and click the "checkout" or "continue" button. Your total will be updated accordingly.


The security team behind the store has taken every step necessary to ensure that the latest encryption is used to make your transaction secure.

User Passwords

After you have created an account with the store, please store your username and password in a secure area. When choosing a password, do not use phrases or words that represent you in any way, such as your name or personal numbers. Choose a password that is unique. Never give your password to another person.

Once you log out or complete your transaction, you must log in using your username/password to re-enter the store.

Display Issues

The store interface is designed for the average computer monitor resolution (display pixels) of 1024x768. If you are using a monitor that displays a 800x600 resolution, please follow your owner's manual to adjust your monitor's resolution to 1024x768 or higher. If you are not able to boost your monitor resolution, please use your browser's scrollbars to view the store display area.

Order Processing

All orders will be processed within 2 Business Days. During high traffic times such as the Christmas shopping season, orders that have been processed may take more time to ship due to the quantity of orders we receive daily.

Returns & Refunds

Ultimately, our real "product" at Dave Ramsey’s Lampo Group is HOPE. The tangible products, ticketed events, downloads and services are how we deliver that hope to you. In the end we want you to feel that you have been treated well by people who really care about you.

If you are not completely satisfied with any product you purchase from us, and you want to return it or get a refund, we want to make that easy for you. With that in mind, here are the simple rules:

TANGIBLE PRODUCTS must be returned in their original condition, unless they were defective or were damaged when you received them. Kits must be returned with all of their original contents intact, and special promotional packages must also be returned with all original items intact, including any free premium items which were included.

If these requirements are met, and no more than 90 days have passed since you purchased the items you are returning, a refund will be issued without question. Refunds will always be issued in the same manner as payment was received (for example: payment by debit card will result in a refund by debit card, less shipping costs). We will notify you by email when the products you return are received by us. Please allow up to 10 business days for the processing of your refund after you have been notified that the products have arrived at our facility.

BULK SALES for class memberships are not refundable. Please contact your sales advisor with any issues or questions.

REGISTRATION FEES for our Ramsey training events such as Financial Coach Master Training and Momentum Workshops are unique to each of those events. Please contact your customer advisor directly to learn of our refund/cancellation policy for each event.

I bought something online at regular price and later saw it on sale. Can I get a price adjustment for my online product purchase?

Yes, we offer a one-time price adjustment for your online product purchase if BOTH of the following statements are true: (1) the price of the product you purchased from our online store is marked down within two weeks of your order date AND (2) the price mark-down is still in effect and posted on our online store when you contact us. If BOTH of these statements are true, then simply call 1-877-378-2667 and speak with one of our coordinator web specialists. The product must still be at the new, lower price and able to be verified from our current online site. We do not price adjust based on any other online or offline retailer. Also, we do not offer a price adjustment on your shipping charges.

We will refund you the difference between your purchase price and the marked down price using your original form of payment. (If payment is made by gift card, refund will be given by check). Please allow 5 business days for processing and another 5 days for the adjustment to reach your account.